Items Single/Double-sided Board/MultIlayer Board/FPC ( 1-12 Layer )
Base Materials FR-4 (High TG 150°,170°), CEM-3, BT-94V0
Finish copper thickness Outer 6 OZ, Inner 4 OZ
Surface Finish ENIG, ImAg, ImSn, OSP, HASL, Plating gold.
Finished Board Size Max Double-sided Board 640 mm X 1100mm
Max Multiplayer Board 640 mm X 1100mm
Finished Board Hole Size(PTH Hole) Min Finished Board Hole Size 0.15mm
Conductor Width and Spacing Min Conductor Width 0.1mm
Min Conductor Spacing 0.1mm
Thickness of Plating and Coating Layer PTH Wall Copper Thickness >0.02mm
Tin Solder Thickness ( Hot Air Leveling ) >0.02mm
Nickel/Gold Thickness For customer special need
Nickel Plating Layer >2um
Gold Plating Layer >0.3um
Bare Board Test Single Site Test Max Test Point 20480
Max Board Test Size 400mmx300mm
Double Side Test Max Test Point 40960(General Use)
4096(Special Use)
Max Board Test Size 406mm x 325mm
320mm x 400mm
Min Test pitch of SMT 0.5mm
Test Voltage 10-250v
Mechanical Process Chamfer 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°
Angle Tolerance ±5°
Deepness Tolerance ±0.20 mm
V-Cut Angle 20°, 30°, 45°
Board Thickness 0.1-3.2 mm
Residues Thickness ±0.025 mm
Cell Paraposition Precision ±0.025 mm
Tolerance of Out-shape Process ±0.1 mm
Board Warp Max Value 0.7%
Optical Plotting Max Plotting Area 660 mm X 558.8 mm
Precision ±0.01 mm
Repetitive Precision ±0.005 mm

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